Wednesday, July 8, 2009

allocate fun!!

today i'm doing the allocate + for year 1 students...i really enjoyed doing this when there is no error and the pics are there all the time...but....once the pics missing the problem will take 1 week to fix it...hehehe...anywhere for time being i'm really enjoy my job but once come the other job which not related to me it will be sucks man!!finished allocate the students quickly and starts doing for Dr Amreeta's selectives...poor her everyday come to my place and checked whether i already allocate the student's accordingly their 1st,2nd & 3rd choice or not...and the lecturers are waiting which students will go for their selectives...everything is on me!!fuuihh...there is a big responsiblity i have to carry when comes to grouping thinggy!like i said to CYC (one of my students) 'I HAVE THE POWER TO CHOOSE' hahaha....

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