Friday, December 14, 2012

hello december

hi december....pls b good to we can see yesterday was a nice number 12/12/ many events came yesterday...many people has choose this date as it only came another hundred years....who can ever live another 100 years? In Shaa Allah if Allah allows us to stay more ages in this world might hv a chance to meet this date again...well said 2012 going to end soon and this year i,ve faced so many experience in mylife such as sweet, sour and bitter.......

beginning of year 2012 i've decided to change my style...actually i already think about it a year ago....i started to like a hijab pages and follow any bloggers with intrend 1st hijab i bought it from Radiusite...the page that attracted me the most...i dont know why but when a friend of mine sharing a post from Radiusite and me like wow nice i was like move my mouse and click to the page and without wasting so much of time i just click the like button....since that i always bought their shawl and if there were no stock in their website i'll take my time and go to their boutique and got it 1 for my collection...until now i dont even remember how many of their collection i hv...the most i love was their ADRA collection....everytime when there is a update about ADRA i will get it atleast 1 piece it will make me satisfied eventhough i just wore them for once;) just like a GUCCI or LV limited edition that u must hv:p...but as a normal people who can effort to get those handbag for 1 i already feel Alhamdulillah of what i have i started to wear hijab on Chinese New Year...all of my colleague Alhamdulillah i dont even feel an offence towards me which most of them are non muslim...they even encourage me e.g bought me a instant hijab on my sweet of them...really appreciate it....Alhamduliillah

time flies so fast at the mid of February my mom felt sick....she cant even wake up and need people to help her to go to the toilet...the most patient person i can see was my there is a sad moment for me which actually she is taking of my baby that time...when she felt sicked i felt like my world become a numb....Ya Allah who is going to take care of my baby...i know at the same time i am so selfish (just let me be the only 1 who knew it) but i still left my baby to my mom house...during she is sicked my father is the one who look after my baby and at the same time he taking care of my mother and brother...can u imagine how tough he is?End of February my mom went to the clinic and doctor said that my mom hv a cyst... Cyst if u can see actually most of the women will get once...and it is not that dangerous (i think) my mom's cyst not that bad actually so she just hv to come back to the clinic and do some dressing...bcos she not that strong to use the stairs up n down, so she decided to go to the hospital and admitted there...1 week she stayed there the doctor said she can discharge...after discharge she still need to do the dressing and my dad will do that for her....after that my grandfather pass i feel like the lightening just get into my heart...the night before he passed away i was there standing in front of him and crying but do nothing(how bad i was that time)...seriously i really hv no idea what to do anymore...i can see all my uncles n aunties sitting next to him and recite Yassin for him like he no much longer to live:'(....about 4 am in the morning me n my sister went back home since my baby stay alone with my hubby...that time i was fully breast feeding my baby...the next day (Friday) i remembered actually i took halfday cos my mom hv an appointment with the doctor...suddenly i received a call from my sister and told me that my grandfather left us to meet his creator...Ya Allah another more test you gave me to see how strong i i called my husband to come back cos we will packing back our things and go back to Perak....reached there almost noon and waiting for him...since i hv a baby so i'm not following them to the grave...i stayed with my sister, hubby, mom and few of our night as usual we hv a tahlil for my grandfather following to the next hard for us as HIS slave to died on Friday but Alhamdulillah my grandfather is the choosen 1...Al-Fatihah

to be continued..............................

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