Thursday, December 31, 2009

~GOOD BYE 2009~

jelesh nyer bler tgk parking byk kosong pastuh campus laks sunyi xder org...masing2 dh amik cuti lar, halfday lar...aku gaks teperap kt opis nih dgn 2 org lg staff....huhu...tedey nyer...mencinyer!!so nk lepas kn ksedihan aku lunch kt pyramid bsamer2 lunch mate aku CT...until today wut i can say she is ok...mmg skepala n kterorg xder secret2 dh...hihi...besh2 kwn ngn dier...xhipokrit mcm sstgh org kt Monash nih...bkn nk kater sumer ok...sstgh we had our lunch at Full house...actually nih pn last minitnyer telah mhabiskn duit around RM50...tkejut x??tuhlar tpk gaks aper yg aku mkn hari nih so nih lar menu lunch aku utk hari nih...huhu

haaa..yg nih jew dh RM8.90...mushroom soup with walnut slices...mmg sdp...harga pn bleh tahan...hihi

yg nih laks spaghetti mushroom...biaser2 jew pn raser dier tp harga bleh tahan RM17.90...haaa nk kater bbaloi tuh mmg xbbaloi r sbb raser lebey kurg mcm kt secret recipe nyer spaghetti utk mnjdkn satapan harian mmg xlar kn even mingguan pn dlm mimpi jew...kalu sajer2 tuh bleh r kot nk raser suasana full house nyer...hihi

owrite bbalik pd tajuk utama goodbye 2009 right now i'll officially close my 2009 book n welcome to 2010...this year i have lots of planning and the most important is tteeetttt...hahahhaa...aderlar kn...hihi...with my new work i'll be more mature cos there are a lots of stuff need to learn futhermore a lots of hand over task i need to handle by my self...yesterday had a meeting with Alice n Lay San...damn!!like wanna cry only...they just give me time to make myself comfortable with the environment n just a simple2 job i have to do..but on the new year here we come the biggest task i have to handle...wut was the task...we will wait until my next blog ok...hihi...long time no updated blog i make today bcos the last day of the year 2009 i'll creat a story along my journey in year 2009....

this date everybody celebrating their day with a marriage n maybe a proposal to their girlfriend and also celebrating their bday...but this date was the date which we lost a friend name ABIL...eventhough i'm not so close with him but at my point of view his a good kid...kindda brother to the first time we met at Sinbad Pyramid...his kindda shy boy not much to talked about and smile 24 hours...he has a cute smile...boyfriend to my lil sis Hanna...we had fun hanging together watched him playing with hanna...but on the day i received a sms from my bro Amal i was hard to accept this kind of news n that month was a Ramadhan...after work i straight away to Subang and 1st person i wanted to meet was Hanna...she so tough n i know is hard to accept the fate but fate is one can changed it...i wait until the funeral then we hang around to make Hanna feel presentable and not to think too much about the Him

this year my mom, my fiance, my sister & myself went to singapore....all this is the last minute plan where me & my sis went to JB n met with 1 of the Monash staff talking bout the sale in Singapore....i never think much bout it but my sis already thinking to buy a camera and LV's bag...hehhee...lots of money huh...but that just a i simply picked a date which on 18th December we move from PJ then drive through JB 1 of my relative was there...we r lucky cos we can park our car at her house...then we took a bus from Larkin to the check point there are lots of procedure we have to follow....damn tired...better we drove to get in we stayed at our grandmother(my grandfather's curzin) house...her husband we called atok was so nice...he company us to the shopping complex and had a walk at Orchard Road and tell us which place is good...unfortunately he have to go home cos grandma not feeling very well...poor mom which have to stayed at home to take care of her...but is ok we will go there next time with 1 family because the reason we were there is SHOPPING...hehehe...but feel a bit upset when i'm not able to get anything for fiance, he got wut he wants for long time ago; PSP
we bought it for S$270(RM707)...thats cheap if want to compare in Malaysia is about RM899

and my sis bought a new camera Sony DSC-TX1/N
here some pic we snap using this camera
nice huh...hihi

and this using my camera Lumix ZR1...hihi

so that is it my 2009 experience but b4 that want to introduce my new colleague from my new department;

until we meet again in my next entry...GOODBYE 2009 & WELCOME 2010!!!

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