Monday, January 4, 2010

+sunday 8tvt+

actually i dont have any plans on Sunday...suddenly i received a call from my close fwen Farah...she need a help...her car broke down n need me to sent her to workshop...i deal with it and planned to woke up early on Sunday...unfortunately i woke up at 11.30am and rushing to make myself the same time i have a date with my sister at KLCC...i've already told her tat i will be late company Farah with my fiance....she also have a date with her PLURK fwen so she can wait for us...i drove to Subang then had a lunch and make our move to Taman Desa where Farah left her car....when we reach there hopefully we can changed the tyre by ourself but we couldnt find the special key to take out the rim's screw..n bcos of tat we turn back to look some workshop near by and called the foreman to look after the tyre but the same thing he said still need the special key to open up the screw...bcos of the 17' type of rim further more she drove Jazz we still have to find the key...finally Farah have to called up her dad to asked about the key...we got no choice to tell her dad the after replace it wit the spare tyre she drove slowly to the workshop...actually she is lucky cos the tyre didnt blew bcos got small 'swallow' near the lower side of tyre...that wut the foreman told us

here it is...have to see it closely

done with it we straight away to KLCC...yes i drove 1st time driving my car to 1st we looking for the daily parking so we turn and turn around looking for the outside parking but we get wrong way n enter the inside parking which the price is RM3 for the 1st hour and another hour is RM2.50...whose going to paid about RM20 for the stupid price of parking...ridiculous price!!so we paid the RM3 n quickly get out from there...finally we found the RM2 for the 1st hour parking and RM1 per hour after that...but a bit far from the KLCC...we used the ISETAN entrance to get inside and found BOBBI BROWN counter...without thinking twice i straight away go to the counter and bought the basic make up set for my dowry...damn!!for the 1st time i spent a lot for my make up fiance likes the color n look very natural and easy applied on my face...look very fresh i'm very satisfied with it and paid directly to the cashier...the promoter very kind give me free lip gloss and toner if i'm not mistaken bcos he raped it nicely for me...after bought the make up set we went to RAOUL inside the ISETAN but there is less choice so we went to the boutique...OMG sell like hell ya...hihi...cant imagine we grab everything...hehhee...but a bit regret cos we already bought some of it from Singapore which we can get it cheaper from here...tuhlar lmbt sgt buat sale...gak skit kang baru tau....n the most regret thinggy is when MU lost with LEEDS...what is LEEDS??just a ordinary club which not as famous n greater than MU...damn!!wut a shamed??

p/s:to those who not understand my words i'm so so sorry coz i'm on my way to learn n write in english..hihi

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