Tuesday, April 24, 2012

+april oh april.....+

hhmm how im going to start this...april shud be my happy month unfortunately there is so many obstacle which me have to go through...so true when people said that Allah loves HIS people thats y HE gave so much challenger to see if we can handle it or not...not to forget if HIS people remember HIM or not...so wut i can say here i accept every single test HE gave me even it is hard...

last sunday my sis in law missed her flight just bcos she went in 20 minutes b4 they take off....this is not the 1st time she took the flight but this is the 1st time she missed it....well luckily that time we still at the airport....so we went home with so many feeling in our mind n we blame the airline company....s we reached home we tried to make ourself not to think about it too much so we assume that her bag will reach at the destination without the owner n we laugh n laugh....suddenly my father in law called n said that the bag doesnt reached there n when they checked the airline company have removed it since the passenger is not there...van da vart??!!*&%#$
so it must b still in the airport right?wut make me upset they didnt even inform us bout it...or mayb that is the procedure they shud tell us earlier....same goes to their unfriendly staff when we asked them y must they closed the gate 20minutes b4 they taking off n the staff gave the unsatisfied answer n went off just like that...wut?!!is that it?is that the way u talked to ur customer?so unprofessional n lack of customer service knowledge!! he shud remind us that time but he just left us with so many question marks in our head.....

how disappointed we are...wut a day!!

so i started to look for the tix n b4 that i called the airline company n asked bout the bag...well the girl told me that they still kept the bag only for 3 days n after that they will charge us...she clarified with me s when n when im going to take the bag...so i told her i'm going to take it today since im going to book the tix today.....i booked morning flight at 7.15am...i assume there will b a staff who taking care the passenger's bag will b in b4 that time...unfortunately the staff will only b in around 7++...van da vart??!!#%&@*&
y that girl didnt told me earlier bout the time...eh hello u shud assume that ur customer is 0 knowledge...act like they dont know anything...shud give an information from A-Z not when they ask only u tell them....owh it is really testing my patient.....so now my sis in law fly without her bag....at the end we pass the number to my father in law since he used to work in airport b4 n let him talk to them bout it....pray hard to Allah so that the airline company can sent the bag to the destination......amiiinn

*shud i mention which airline company here?well i think people can judge which airline company give bad service to their customer

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