Monday, April 2, 2012

+ the person that i dislike +

hi n assalamualaikum everyone...i know no one is reading my blog anyway...but i still want to great everyone here...well2 long time i've not updating my blog but now just want to share to u guys about the person i dislike d most...actually i've kept it too long inside my heart bout this person which let we called her B a.k.a Bitchy...i dont like to write that words but bcos of her attitude similar with this word so i hv cut it short wut she hv done until i gave this title to her, well she dont respect me n my family...ok let we begin the entry here............

last year but i cant remember the date cleary, she came to our house s a guest...ya coming to KL if u stay in hotel it will cost u a lots we let her stayed in couples of days...i dont mind actually if she stay longer butttt pls respect me s the owner of d house is not a hotel for u to simply go in n out...where is your manners huh?!!u dont even talk to me..dont even shake my hand...wut u think u are???hey hello even the king shake hand with his people...once u arrived to my house u already set ur mine u were in the hotel dont u?i dont mind if u wanted to go out with your boyfriend and sleep with him, go out for a vacation or honeymoon perhaps but pls not infront of me oke?!n i dont understand this people cos her mother herself dont even care wut her daugther have done...*big sigh*...i hope i can trained my kids not b like that n i thank Allah cos my parents hv raised us with gud knowledge...owh 1 more thing...i guess she lack of manners bcos she doesnt go any college or U thats y she bcame wild person n dont even know wut moral is;) thats y she bcame so JAKUN when came down to KL...summore this B want people to respect her?comelar babe...u urself did not practice that but u want people to respect u?what i can say is u dont deserved to get any respect from people...people like u only can b called s slut B****...

last but not least i hope u r lucky person cos how many guys u hv cheated on them n also u hv slept with them...please seek forgiveness from Allah babe b4 its too late

p/s: in malay words...seperti katak di bwh tempurung or translate it bcome like frog under coconut shelve (this is wut our PVC said):P

i dont even care if people get offended of my writing n i dont care of my grammar as well!!

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